Buy It Now. She is also very friendly and gets along well with her siblings. She tries to keep the house from ending up in a pile of rubble or ashes. Plumbing Pro is a board game owned by Lana, and is her favorite board game.. Gameplay. #6, 'Loud and proud' Graphic Material. At 16 years old, Leni is the second oldest child of the Loud family, and the second-oldest of Lincoln's five older sisters. However, in the dimension in which the sexes of the Loud kids are the exact opposite (meaning that it is one girl and ten boys), Loki's shown to be very caring and protective of his sister, Linka - in fact, Loki's the first of the brothers to ask Linka (technically Lincoln in Linka's body) if she's okay after he and the rest of the brothers heard her screaming in the middle of the night. She retains her magenta mask, and like the blue one, it has the closed eyes image. Lisa Marie Loud is the girl genius in the Loud House. Her appearance was also completely different; she was obese, and had brown hair pulled into pigtails. When Leni first sees Frances, she panics and attempts to kill her with bug spray. "Lori Loud is 'literally' the oldest of the Loud children. Leni is a junior at Royal Woods High School and attends school with her siblings Lori, Luna, and Luan. The Loud House Fanfic #23 - Less Guts, Less Glori. In "Anti-Social," it was revealed that she also used to wear glasses. Image size. Lily was in the back. In the comic, she is summoned by Savvy alongside the rest of his deck to help him and One-Eyed Jack to defeat the gas monster. Leni's swimwear is also seafoam green with white frills, only it is a two-piece garment. Comment. Leni's easily distracted by shiny objects, and often walks into walls while talking, but what Leni lacks in smarts, she makes up for in heart. She is very naive and quite ditzy, but she makes up for it with her beauty and kindness. During her appearance in the episode, she saved Ace Savvy and One Eyed Jack from falling into a shark pit by using her pink bow as a rope. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "The Loud House" (unofficial)"Left in the Dark" (official)"Cursed!" 3 Comments. She likes to make smoothies and can be really creative when picking out ingredients to use. The object of the game is to remove as many pieces from a prop toilet without touching the sides. Leni is arachnophobic. There is an animation goof that has occurred a few times, where her sunglasses are missing in one shot, and then reappear in the next shot. She still wore a seafoam green dress and sandals with green bows on them. Leni wears her sunglasses atop her head in every episode she appears in. This means that she owns more than one pair of sunglasses. After many hours, they finally got to the last level where they had to defeat the Trash King. Friends High school studentBluebell Scout (formerly)Reininger's sales employeeBabysitterReininger's manager (temporarily) This week is Loud House Appreciation Week over on Twitter, so I’ll be making a new piece of Loud House fan art every single day in honor of the show’s 3rd anniversary this year! When the customers start to treat Leni like an actual worker, Leni decides to work as one too, giving her customers the keys to their rooms, and addressing the customers' complaints. During road trips, the motion of the van puts Leni in a daze. She wears a white jumpsuit, and sky blue boots with white platforms. Free shipping. She is almost as tall as Lori, but taller than all her younger siblings. Loud House - Lori the Queen of No. Fast and Furious (by Lincoln)Spider Hugger (by the Exterminator)Dude (by Luna)Ms. Smarty Pants (by Lisa)Fritz (by employees and guests at the Royal Woods Spa)Len (by Lori and Miguel)The Beauty[2]Employee of the Month (by Mrs. Carmichael, herself, and Lynn Sr.)Sibling (by Lisa)My sister (by Lori)Leni Boo (by Miguel) Watch; 6 S D R p o n s G L o N r e Q M d T N 4. She even tried to kick the Loud family out of their room because of reports from angry customers. 7" LINCOLN PLUSH THE LOUD HOUSE SHOW TOY FACTORY NEW WITH TAG 2019 NICKELODEON. No Phone 4. This article has been protected from moving. Self Insert OC story. FrhancesSandel is a fanfiction author that has written 21 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Loud House, Gravity Falls, My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア, Beyblade Burst, Frozen, Rise of the Guardians, Beauty and the Beast, How to Train Your Dragon, and Mystery Skulls Animated. In ". A common animation goof with her phone is that it changes colors at times. Nah, you probably didn't, but I'm really kicking my rear into gear this month to make up for my lazy-ass August and just post art, videos, and whatnot. Leni wants to get her belly button pierced, but her. and its animated adaptation, Leni takes on the identity of the superheroine "The 11 of Hearts." Rita Loud (mother)Lynn Loud Sr. (father)Lori Loud (older sister)Luna Loud (younger sister)Luan Loud (younger sister)Lynn Loud (younger sister)Lincoln Loud (younger brother)Lucy Loud (younger sister)Lana Loud (younger sister)Lola Loud (younger sister)Lisa Loud (younger sister)Lily Loud (youngest sister)Shirley (aunt)Ruth (great-aunt)Albert (maternal grandfather)Unnamed paternal grandfatherUnnamed paternal great-grandfatherHarriet (great-grandmother)Unnamed paternal grandmotherUnnamed maternal grandmotherUnnamed uncleUnnamed cousin Loud House: Mutant World Fanfiction. If Lori eats anything unhealthy for dinner, she will break out. Lori L. Loud is the deuteragonist of The Loud House and the oldest of the titular family. Alternatively. Want to request a page move? According to the "Ask Lincoln" section on Instagram, the primary reason that Lincoln likes wearing the color orange is that Leni claims that the color looks good on him. Likes She wore a seafoam green shirt, brown cargo shorts, white socks, and seafoam green shoes. Zhang, Angela (Cartoonist), artist, colorist (based on Goodreads ratings) Genre Cartoons and comics. When she's being interrogated by Lincoln and Lucy in "Sleuth or Consequences," she thinks they are interviewing her, and states that her favorite color is "zebra.". It is implied that Leni inherited her arachnophobia from Lynn Sr. Leni thinks there are only 40 states in the United States. The comic "It's Just a Phase" reveals that she started blaming her farts on others when she was one year old, and she is seen farting and pointing at Fenton the Fox. Her signature weapons are heart ties with which she uses to tie up her foes. 1 Character Info: 1.1 Personality: 2 Gallery: 3 Video Gallery: Lisa is a very smart girl. Inspiration No Music 2. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO THE QUEEN OF THIS SCARY HOILDAY! 10 Comments. A professional texter and avid eye-roller, Lori is never afraid to tell people how she feels.". Being the oldest of the siblings, Lori is bossy, condescending, somewhat rude and she has a bad temper. Home [Source], Rita Loud (mother)Lynn Loud Sr. (father)Lori Loud (older sister)Luna Loud (younger sister)Luan Loud (younger sister)Lynn Loud (younger sister)Lincoln Loud (younger brother)Lucy Loud (younger sister)Lana Loud (younger sister)Lola Loud (younger sister)Lisa Loud (younger sister)Lily Loud (youngest sister)Shirley (aunt)Ruth (great-aunt)Albert (maternal grandfather)Unnamed paternal grandfatherUnnamed paternal great-grandfatherHarriet (great-grandmother)Unnamed paternal grandmotherUnnamed maternal grandmotherUnnamed uncleUnnamed cousin, Lynn LoudLori Loud (former roommate)Lincoln LoudLuan LoudClyde McBrideHer family and siblingsFionaUnnamed friendsChaz (boyfriend)BeckyDanaTeen GirlMs. 14K 167 132. 23.6K 222 204. He really hates them. 56 Favourites. Younger Lucy from Loud House. In "Tricked!," the bows were white to match the circa 18th-century dress she was wearing while as Marie Antoinette. She only removes them when she goes to bed, showers, goes swimming or goes outside in the snow. In "Shop Girl," she let a bunch of shoppers take her stuff and was not even upset about it, saying that she would just make some new clothes out of her old ones. Lisa attends kindergarten at Royal Woods Elementary School. Published [2019] by … 9 Comments. Relatives 38 Favourites. In addition, in "No Spoilers," it is shown she is the only person in the family considerate enough in the family to be able to make the perfect surprise party because she pays attention to what people like (excluding the surprise part since she always spoils the surprise because she cannot keep it a secret due to her ditzy and naive personality). Lori still had Fenton the Fox when she was one year old, If somebody intimidates her, she will attempt to cope by staring at their left ear and reciting the alphabet. 7 product ratings - Nickelodeon Loud House Lincoln 8-Inch Plush Wicked Cool Toys. Our Mafia Family. Bridget is a rabbit from Lincoln's dream he had while knocked out in "White Hare", who is one of the twenty-five sisters of Lincoln's rabbit alter-ego Warren. When I move to Michigan and Meet the Loud Kids, The Entirety of the Universe will change forever. She commonly torments her siblings and Darcy, but she still loves her siblings very much. Leni can carry Lincoln with just one arm. Lori is the tallest among all her siblings. In the comic, she is summoned by Savvy alongside the rest of Savvy's deck to help him and One-Eyed Jack defeat the gas monster. Various examples of her simple-mindedness are expressed throughout the series. or Best Offer +$5.45 shipping. One interesting note about what Leni wears is that the color of the bows on her sandals change to correspond with what she's wearing. In "Selfie Improvement," she was seen as a younger girl again. She's upbeat and positive, but usually confused. Leni's original design depicted her with a light blue dress, snow boots, as opposed to sandals, and a hairstyle that resembled Lori's, but was slightly longer. Whenever she farts, she always tries to claim that it was her shoes, creaky floorboards, or seats, that made the "farting" noise. 23.9K 222 204. There's more to my head than just air, you know! This is a fact she uses to assert authority and absolute dominance over her siblings.

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